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The goal of any healthcare organization is to provide the best possible patient care. Finding ways to make the most effective use of all available resources is essential for improving the quality of care and can even be a lifesaver in an emergency. Healthcare mapping software from Map Business Online is an easy-to-use healthcare data mapping solution that can help hospitals and other caregivers make better decisions and allocate resources with greater efficiency.

Use Our Healthcare Mapping Software for Efficient Delivery of In-Home Medical Services

As the number of Americans living to the age of 80 and beyond continues to increase, a greater emphasis is being placed on in-home healthcare services. Our healthcare mapping software can help nurses, therapists and other health aides to more efficiently plan home visits. They’ll be better able to assist patients in managing medications, plan in-home therapy sessions, and perform post-operative checkups.

Through improved route optimization, your team will be able to see more patients in the course of a day and keep travel costs to a minimum. You can plan the fastest or shortest routes, or prioritize the order of the visits based on patient need.

Team leaders or schedulers use Map Business Online to import and view patient and clinician locations. Color coded clinician mappoints help organize routine patient calls and serve as a stepping off point for emergency planning.

Faster Decisions in Emergency Situations

Healthcare data mapping allows you to know where your patients are relative to your clinicians. By being able to compare your census to your staff locations, you’ll be able to make faster decisions during emergency situations such as mass-casualty incidents or flu epidemics. You won’t waste precious time sifting through Excel spreadsheets to find key location data. Instead, you’ll have the ability to instantly visualize clinician and patient locations on a map.

Enhanced Site Planning Capabilities

Healthcare mapping software can be an extremely effective tool for selecting a site for building a hospital or clinic. For instance, if you’re planning to build a cancer treatment facility, you’ll be able to plot data related to where incidents of the disease have occurred within a specific area over a period of years. This will help you choose the best location. Likewise, if you’re planning to construct an assisted living facility, you’ll be able to select a site that provides easy access to nearby support services.

Some healthcare facilities are better suited to treating specific types of ailments than others. Through efficient healthcare data mapping, it becomes easier to match the patient with the nearest facility offering the most appropriate treatment for their particular ailment.

Why Choose Healthcare Mapping Software From Map Business Online?

Affordable Map Business Online offers an impressive healthcare data mapping product that features the easiest user interface on the market. Benefit from the most reliable map data compiled by the world’s leading GIS experts, so you can make critical healthcare management decisions with complete confidence. We also offer the best technical support in the industry.

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