Make ZIP code radius maps

This article describes how to create ZIP codes radius map: display ZIP codes that are within certain radius on map.
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In Map Business Online you can search ZIP codes or counties by circle or polygon. You can export found map areas including aggregated business or Census demographic data to a file.

Learn more about the benefits of creating and using zip code radius maps for your business here.

  1. First of all turn on ZIP codes on map. Follow these instructions to show ZIP codes:
    1. Open Map & Data window if it is not already open. Click Map & Data tab centered on the left side of map.
    2. In the box at the top of Map & Data window select Custom map template. Usually it must be already selected. You can also choose ZIP codes template.
    3. Check the box at the left of ZIP codes. Map Business Online may need to load data and then ZIP codes will start to draw.
  1. Find center of your radius map. Enter address, ZIP code, or City and State into Search box on Map Business Online toolbar. Click binocular icon to search.
  1. Zoom out to the area of interest using Zoom control. In example below we zoom out to Multi county level in order to draw 50 miles radius.
  1. Click circle icon on Map Business Online toolbar to start Circle drawing tool. Press mouse button over center location and move mouse to draw radius. When desired radius is reached release mouse button.
  1. ‘Create or edit territory’ wizard will start. If you have more than one dataset or map layer on map following page will appear. Select ZIP codes and click Next button.
  1. On next page select ‘Create new’ option and enter ’50 miles ZIP codes map’ as territory name. Click Create button.
  1. Map Business Online will search ZIP codes and then create ’50 miles ZIP code map’ territory. It will also open Data window.
  1. Now you can filter map to show only ZIP codes that are within 50 miles from center location. Just check ‘Filter data on map’ box located on Data window toolbar.
  1. You may want to customize your map a bit. Clear center location by clicking cross icon at the Search box on Map Business Online toolbar. Move ’50 miles ZIP code map’ label to center of ZIP codes radius map.
  1. By now you must have a map similar to one on picture below.
  1. If you want to export list of ZIP codes within the radius then just click Export data icon on Data window toolbar and follow instructions provided.