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Map window & main toolbar

Map window is the main MBO window with main toolbar on top of it and Zoom control in the upper-right corner.

Map & Data window

Map & Data window contains list of layers (datasets and map layers like ZIP codes) available on map. From the window you can:

  • Switch layer visibility – check on/off the box on the left of layer name
  • Reach layer properties – stop over layer name and click gear icon that will appear
  • Delete layer - stop over layer name and click cross icon that will appear
  • Change symbol for dataset – click dataset’s symbol
  • Reposition dataset (change order in which datasets appear on map) – press mouse button over dataset name and drag it to new position

Map & Data window’s toolbar has selection of map views and buttons to access map properties and map filtering feature.

To show Map & Data window just click the tab with blue arrow centered on the left side of map.

Manage map and data dialog

Manage map and data dialog provides access to all map and map layer properties. Click gear icon on Map & Data window toolbar in order to open the dialog.

Data and Route windows

Read on Data and Route windows by the links below:

  1. Data window
  2. Route window

Closing windows and dialogs

If you need to hide a window or cancel a dialog just click the cross button in the top-right corner of a window.