Extend Health Uses MapBusinessOnline to Plan Event Campaigns


Extend Health’s client services group used to spend up to six hours a month analyzing zip code footprints to target a list of cities when preparing a training session on Medicare insurance coverage for the organization’s customers and prospects. Extend Health, a Towers Watson company, operates the nation’s largest Medicare insurance exchange. The company sponsors regular information sessions in major cities across the USA to inform Medicare eligible retirees about Medicare supplement options and other ancillary benefits.

The Challenge

As part of its Medicare insurance outreach services, Extend Health sponsors local information sessions for the retirees of its large employer clients. The client services group is responsible for identifying target cities to schedule the sessions and market the event opportunities to potential and actual Medicare beneficiaries in major USA metropolitan areas. That task was arduous in the past. It involved manually identifying all of the zip codes that surround the major metropolitan area to a radius of up to one hundred miles. Further, it included identifying and segmenting all of the possible prospects who live within that radius, and choosing a meeting place that was convenient to constituents while being large enough to accommodate the event. The entire process took five to six hours per event.

The MapBusinessOnline Solution

To automate the process, Kristine Gates, Manager of Strategic Accounts, reviewed a variety of online mapping software products and found MapBusinessOnline, a web-based business mapping software designed to assist in sales and marketing planning, event planning, and sales territory management. “MapBusinessOnline reduced our density mapping process time from six hours to less than 10 minutes,” says Gates. “It was incredible.”

Extend Health’s client services group applies MapBusinessOnline web tools in its daily work flow. Zip code, county and state geographic segments are included in the map software. All the team needs to do is import a data set of names by address, quickly color-code by zip code and the map display is ready for analysis. With a simple mouse click Extend Health’s client services group creates a radius search around the center of the target area, quickly extracting a subset of the full list of beneficiaries living nearby. They export the list to a spreadsheet for event communication and notification through a third party marketing tool. Visualizing the distribution of prospects around a metropolitan area makes choosing an event location fast and easy.

About Extend Health, a Towers Watson Company: Founded in 2004, Extend Health, a Towers Watson company, operates the largest private Medicare exchange in the country. Extend Health has helped hundreds of thousands of retirees choose the individual Medicare plan that meets their medical needs and budget. www.extendhealth.com

About MapBusinessOnline: A cloud mapping service since 2009, www.mapbusinessonline.com provides sales & marketing professionals with affordable and intuitive map tools to solve geographic challenges. No other map software solves so much for so little.

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