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Examples of Business, Social and Community Maps

MapBusinessOnline is a versatile tool for creating maps for analysis and strategic planning. MapBusinessOnline can generate detailed U.S. and Canada map images and overlaying them with your sales records and other business intelligence, as well as third-party demographic and marketing data.

MapBusinessOnline interfaces with Excel, QuickBooks, Salesforce and other enterprise software platforms to generate map images based on up-to-date, accurate figures. An extensive selection of editing tools allows you to customize your maps with color-coded labels and territories, or to create heat maps, radius maps and other visualizations that will fulfill your project's requirements.

Working with MapBusinessOnline

MapBusinessOnline takes your data and presents it in a new format. Business mapping visualizations uncover insights about who your customers are and what your competition is doing. Both perspectives are useful in big-picture strategic planning and improving business efficiencies n a day-to-day basis. Some of the things you can do with MapBusinessOnline include:

  • Create and manage sales territories - assure sure each team member has access to quality leads and is positioned where they will be most effective
  • Visualize where your competition is operating and discover underserved areas to target via marketing or expansion planning
  • Assess the demographic makeup of each territory of your business, track how territories change over time and develop insights into your territory structure
  • Optimize sales and field staff routes to cut down on travel and response time, reduce overhead costs and minimize wear and tear on your fleet

On this page, you'll find potential applications for MapBusinessOnline in your business. MapBusinessOnline includes full support for the U.S. and Canada. Demographic and market data comes from the most recently released official Census reports, as well as outside analytics firms.

Want to learn more? Follow the links below for details about the U.S. map images on this page. You can also download a free 1-month trial for Mac or Windows and try out MapBusinessOnline for yourself.

For assistance in any matter, or more information about the benefits of creating map images for your business, contact MapBusinessOnline today.