MapBusinessOnline newsletter – July 2016 Automation SDK

SpatialTEQ Inc., publisher of North America’s premier affordable business mapping software, announced the beta release of the Automation Software Development Kit (SDK) – programmable access to map application’s routing, data input and spatial search features, for use in third party software. The Automation SDK is designed to support organizations seeking route and map data management support, previously offered by the discontinued Microsoft MapPoint API’s.

The MapBusinessOnline automation SDK is downloadable from Web site and includes developer help section and sample applications to assist in set-up and software development.

Example applications

Automation SDK enables direct integration between the MBO business mapping software and CRM applications or customer databases by automating data imports processes. The developer tool allows business mapping users to generate spatial queries across multiple and disparate layers of imported business data, creating exportable marketing lists for third party sales and marketing campaigns, market analysis and scientific data review.

Example data applications could include: automation of quarterly or monthly business results reporting, sales and marketing email campaign analysis by geographic segmentation, or periodical subscription and advertising analysis and results processing.

The new SDK will provide access to MapBusinessOnline optimized and standard routing functionality for use in third party applications such as corporate logistic and supply chain management and business intelligence software. Route plans with turn-by-turn directions will be accessible for third party software use.

Example route plan access applications could include: automated school bus pick-up planning by neighborhood, and field technician work route assessments.