MapBusinessOnline newsletter – June 2017

MBO Discussion - Convert Free Form to Map Layer Based Territories

This is the advice - convert your free form territories to map layer based territories. Each business has an approach to sales territory mapping that evolves over time. Some businesses have legacy territory structures that are based on real-life geographies like a major highway, a mountain range, or a river. We get it, and that's why MapBusinessOnline supports free form territory design through the free form draw tools. We do recommend users convert to ZIP code, Census tract or other map layer based territories largely because the database tools enable more advanced analysis - like compiling exportable lists of all territories by territory name and with demographic data appended.

But, if you are using free form territories and you've created a draw object (polygon or free form shape) on the map, remember to right click and select the summary button to develop a quick database of demographic data and imported databases related to that specific area of interest. The summary button is this symbol ∑. Selecting it lets the user choose from a variety of data to create a fast, exportable spreadsheet of data associated with that specific territory area.

Swap Reviews for Amazon Gift Cards!

Once again we'd like to ask MapBusinessOnline users for honest product reviews in exchange for a $20 Amazon Gift Card. The first twenty five reviews get the Amazon Cards. The review platform we're using this time is G2 Crowd which requires a LinkedIn membership. It's easy to do if you are on LinkedIn. Click here to write a review.

MBO Tips & Tricks - Zooming and Getting Around the Map Quickly

Map navigation is semi-consistent across all mapping applications. Think MBO, Google, MapQuest, MapPoint, and Streets & Trips. Still, each application has its preferred methods for getting around. The Zoom Control on MBO is in the upper right-hand corner of the Map. The top 2/3's of the control is focused on zooming in and pulling back out. Plus and minus (+/-) buttons allow incremental Zoom steps. By pulling or pushing on the Zoom scroll bar users can view the Zoom layer level name(s) all the way in and out - from World level to Street level. Each map zoom level holds data related to that view. Like ZIP code labeling, which turns on at a specified zoom level and can be adjusted in Map & Data.

Below the Zoom control are some helpful buttons. There are Undo and Redo button arrows. Nice for fast map return views when you linger, longingly over Bermuda for too long. The American Flag is my favorite home position. A quick click and you're reoriented to the full USA. The World icon does the same for a world view. And that Magnifying Glass at the bottom lets you Zoom in fast and choose exactly the area you need to view. And! If you hold down Control and move your mouse up and to the left - the map will Zoom out. How cool is that?

AND, if you have selected a ZIP code and want a quick deselect you can hold the Shift Key and click the ZIP, hit the Escape button, or click in open water.

Lightning Video - Heads-Up Digitizing Using MBO

This is a video and blog link related to using MapBusinessOnline for map editing. This could be for building and editing territories, tracking criminals, or planning a nationwide scavenger hunt. In the biz we call this "heads-up digitizing."

MBO Feature of the Month - Collaborative Map Editing Between Full Subscribers

Click the MapShare button on the tool bar and choose Private Sharing. Most of you know that a Team Subscription enables team administration tools and the ability to share for collaborative editing. But if you're a single user with a full year subscription, you can share your map for collaborative editing with any other full-year MBO subscriber, regardless of team status. Under Account, add your collaborator's email address to your Users list. Invite your collaborator, and make sure they accept. Now in MapShare - Private Sharing choose Share with Users, select you person's email and click Add Selected Users. Go ahead. Collaborate with your favorite Map Geek.

MBO Community - Advanced Territory mapping

Advanced territory mapping capabilities released last month with MBO 5.0 enable hierarchical territory mapping for MBO users. This means your ZIP code based territories can be collected into regions and divisions that match your management structure. Here's a link to the MBO 5.0 Webinar from last month.

This added functionality is nothing to sneeze at. We think you'll agree that the value of your business mapping software investment just increased dramatically. We're planning our next moves now.

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