MapBusinessOnline newsletter – March 2020

Coronavirus Preparedness

MapBusinessOnline will not be negatively impacted by the Coronavirus adjustment to our collective work-lives.

Our sales and technical support team is distributed and used to working from home. Our software development team is able to work from the office or from home. Rest assured your business mapping services team is prepared to face whatever comes our way over the next few weeks. We'll sustain your mapping capabilities at warp speed.

We will post a blog that describes mapping the Covid-19 Contagion. We're all in this together, from all over the world. Stay healthy and wash those hands.

This link is an excellent map from for tracking the Novel Coronavirus's development across the globe.

Webinar Replay Link - Accessing Demographic Data in Standard & Pro

On March 12 we presented a Webinar describing how to access demographic data in MapBusinessOnline. Below is the Webinar link to watch or rewatch the webinar recording.

Here's the link for the MapBusinessOnline Demographic Data Webinar.

A New MapBusinessOnline Look & Feel

You asked for it. This week MapBusinessOnline 6.1 was released which provides an enhanced look and feel for America's best business mapping application. A Microsoft Office-like ribbon has been added as an option. The User Interface overall has been given a lighter set of colors along with flatter control buttons. We hope you like it.

Try the MapBusinessOnline Map App

More and more MapBusinessOnline users are moving to the Map App. Don't get left behind:

  • It's included with your subscription
  • It negates the need for Adobe Flash Player
  • Your kids will think you're cool
  • Extremely fast install download
  • Download the Map App here

MapBusinessOnline Tips & Tricks

  • If you are importing the same dataset over and over, the Plot Data button includes the option to import from server. This can streamline data imports if you are rebuilding a map you just setup recently and the data hasn't changed
  • Use the Blog search tool and the MapBusinessOnline YouTube search function to look up helpful blogs and videos. Most of your map operations are covered in these help libraries
  • Don't forget! If you checked the Filter Data on Map button to isolate a territory, you must uncheck it. That's why you can't add or delete territories. Probably our most common technical support question
  • Remember to keep your business map simple. Too many symbol ranges can make a map confusing to your map viewer. Remember, it's a business map, not a balloon festival.