MapBusinessOnline newsletter – November 2016

MBO News - New Feature Release! Time Windows in Optimized routing

  • Route based on time of day by stop
  • More accurately assess entire route time estimates – driving, stops, and total route
  • Export route files for use outside of MBO
  • Reroute or create routes that avoid user defined barriers

This month SpatialTEQ Inc. updated MapBusinessOnline to include time windows in its optimized routing functionality. This feature had been requested by many users of our business mapping software, especially users who came to us from Microsoft MapPoint. We believe the time windows enhancements, coupled with the new freely available Software Development Kit (SDK), makes MapBusinessOnline the best replacement for MapPoint on the market today. Read more...

MBO Tips & Tricks

Map Title – Remember you’ve got a special text field for an overall map title available in Map & Data for each map you create. Click the Edit Gear in Map & Data and Check Show Map Title. A map title helps your audience quickly understand what this map is about. Use Add Text button on the draw layer tools to add other referential text.

Filter Map by State – MBO lets you filter your map by state. In Map & Data click the Funnel button on the right side of the toolbar. Choose which states you would like to include in your map. This is a great way to assign regional map focus to your project.

Background Map Options – Easily switch your background map. In Map & Data hover over the Streets data layer and click the Edit Gear that pops up. At the top of the light blue box choose a different background layer from the drop down.

Lightning Video – Summarizing Data in MapBusinessOnline

A short video that quickly highlights a map application in MBO. Summarizing critical data for map display in MBO.

MBO Feature of the Month – Finding latitude and Longitude Coordinates

In addition to the new features mentioned above we like to mention features customers have recently found helpful. One customer called seeking away to identify an addresses latitude and longitude coordinate. We suggested using the Data Window. After you’ve created or imported an address location, open the Data Window. Choose the target data layer. Hover your mouse cursor over the left hand column – the colored dots – when the Edit Pencil pops up, click it and choose Edit Address or Location. In this location editing window, place your cursor point at the bottom of the pushpin, that displays your point’s location, and click. Now notice in the address window on the left side that the Lat/Lon coordinate is listed. Copy and paste as necessary.

MBO Community

Welcome Jason Henderson to our Sales and Service team. We hired Jason to help service our rapidly growing MBO user base. Jason is reachable at our (800) 425-9035 number or through the contact button. Jason, a ten-year veteran at DeLorme, brings years of business mapping expertise with him.