Filtering a Data Map

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As businesses become more diligent about collecting, storing and accessing information, there is a growing need for advanced tools that allow them to sort, filter and arrange this data in a useable way. Ultimately, the problem of too much information is just as damaging as not enough — to make informed decisions, you must be able to drill down on the stats that matter most.

Map Business Online is a powerful business mapping platform with advanced data filter visualization capabilities. With it, you can take information that would otherwise be overwhelming — including historical sales data and demographics — and refine it to be more usable and insightful. Smart businesses in a wide range of industries all use Map Business Online for strategic planning, sales territory mapping, market analysis and more.

How to Use Data Filter Mapping

Users can do many things with Map Business Online's data filter mapping tools. For example, you can:

  • Restrict a map to a specific geographic area. Location filtering is one of the most basic ways to create more useful maps. With Map Business Online, you can look closely at a state, county, city, zip code or neighborhood to see who lives there and where your competitors are located, among other things. This is useful for assigning sales territories, route mapping or site selection when growing your business.
  • Get precise with demographic data. Perhaps you want to focus on a highly specific demographic — say, college-educated women between the ages of 30 and 45. Map Business Online uses current U.S. Census data to create demographic maps that users can filter according to multiple factors. Instantly see where your desired customer base lives and use that information to create targeted marketing initiatives that speak to it directly.
  • Compare specific factors between regions. Data filter mapping also allows users to compare and contrast different geographic areas. With it, you can see where your sales team is exceeding expectations and where it is underperforming. If you're planning on expanding your business, data filtering can show you how different regions compare, for example, in land value, sales potential, competitor penetration and more, so you can look specifically at these individual factors and make an informed decision.

Data filtering map software like Map Business Online helps you make sense of big data and leverage it to make smarter, more strategic choices. Whether you're planning for the future or trying to refine your current operations, Map Business Online is a critical ally for marketing, sales, administration and more.

Map Business Online's data filter visualization capability is just one of the many useful tools it offers businesses in a variety of industries. Explore its full functionality online or contact a representative to learn more.

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Learn How Our Customers are Succeeding with Map Business Online

"Map Business Online helps me identify our most promising markets and define exactly those contacts I’m going to market to. It's the best product I've found that lets me 'visualize' my data."

Tom Jans
Director of Marketing
Swing Surgeon Golf Management

"I use it daily to visualize customers and sales territories, and to plan sales trips. It’s so intuitive."

Jeanne Gazlay
Life Brokerage sales Director
Mutual of Omaha

"In a large company, with many layers of sales teams, sales management, territories, operations teams and distribution, it is vital to have a solution to quickly and easily display country and regional maps. I have tried multiple other mapping solutions in the past only to be frustrated by their limitations or by their complexity. Map Business Online perfectly fits my need. MBO has the versatility to allow me to build somewhat complicated maps but also allows me to knock out the quick, one-off request. MBO continues to add features and I am excited to see what new features come out next."

Dave Perek
Sr Business Analyst
Schneider Electric

Popular Map Business Online features

Build fast map visualizations of your business data

Map business data from various sources by street address, city name, ZIP code, or latitude and longitude. Plot 250,000 or more locations on a map at once. All you need to start is a spreadsheet with business data.

Import Your data from variety of data sources

Load your data from Spreadsheets, text files, CRM, ERP, accounting packages, or POS systems. Connect to a custom data source with SDK.

Display business data against demographic maps

Categorize geographic areas by population or household income. Explore new markets, business patterns, or social trends against color coded Census maps for business and competitor analysis.

Search business data in full-featured tabular view

Search your data records by business name. Sort data view by any variable. Filter data by custom criteria. View search results on map.

Generate demographic reports

Aggregate demographic data by radius, polygon, or drive time. Get insights into your existing markets or explore potential markets. Add territory demographic profile to a map or export it into a file.