Mapping Software Integration Options

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MapBusinessOnline is designed to work with a wide range of enterprise applications, letting you import your existing business intelligence and put it in the spatial context you need to make informed, strategic decisions. In doing so, MapBusinessOnline helps with a variety of tasks, including:

  • Sales territory mapping
  • Market analysis
  • Route optimization
  • Strategic planning
  • Franchise marketing
  • Site selection

The key to MapBusinessOnline's ability to do all the above is its smart use of data. With MapBusinessOnline, you can view your data alongside current census records and industry-specific insights from third-party firms such as RealDatasets. With this context, MapBusinessOnline expands and augments the capabilities of enterprise applications such as Salesforce and Act!, among others.

Business Mapping Using Act!

MapBusinessOnline can visualize data from Act! CRM software. Some things you can do with Act! data maps include:

  • View your customer contact information in a geographic format that helps you draw up smarter sales territories
  • Use color-coding, drive time polygons, concentric circles and other visual tools to analyze your sales history and customer base
  • Look at specific demographic factors within a sales territory to identify underserved areas and other opportunities

Salesforce Map Integration

Salesforce is one of the most popular CRMs on the market today, particularly among small businesses. While it is a convenient platform for managing and storing sales records, it lacks the enhanced analytic capabilities of business mapping software like MapBusinessOnline.

With MapBusinessOnline, you can take your existing Salesforce data and plot it on a map. This has many potential benefits and applications — namely, the ability to spot patterns and trends as they emerge over time, helping you make smarter decisions and identify potentially lucrative opportunities when they arise.

MapBusinessOnline is now available on the Salesforce AppExchange, making it easier than ever to share data between the two platforms. Alternately, users have the option of exporting their data to an Excel spreadsheet and importing it into MapBusinessOnline from there.

Importing Sales Data From QuickBooks

MapBusinessOnline also works with data from Intuit QuickBooks Online accounting software. You'll find it's easy to import a large volume of customer, vendor or sales records.

MapBusinessOnline allows you to analyze QuickBooks sales data against U.S. Census demographics and other information. Print out and export large-scale maps that show your transaction history in different regions over time, or collaborate remotely on custom maps via the cloud.

API's and SDK's

See MapBusinessOnline Help documentation to learn about the available API's and SDK's that can help your software experts to integrate critical business with MapBusinessOnline.

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The list of enterprise applications MapBusinessOnline supports is continually expanding. Start a free 1-month trial of the most recent software update and see for yourself how easy it is to work with data from the platform of your choice. Contact MapBusinessOnline directly to learn more.

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Learn How Our Customers are Succeeding with MapBusinessOnline

"MapBusinessOnline has played a major role in helping us to expand. It has helped us successfully map out our territories so that we know where we are and where we can be. With a clear picture of where we are, it has helped make it easier to locate available territory for our new Franchisees. MapBusinessOnline has even helped us keep our guarantee and carry out its promise for a five mile protection radius for each Franchisee. MapBusinessOnline has not only given us a map of where we are now, but it has also given us a map for our future."

Sine Schirmer
Franchise Support Department Head
The Tutoring Center Franchise Corp

This leading national footwear brand manufacturer uses MapBusinessOnline to conduct retail coverage assessments nationwide. They loved MBO’s ability to provide both street level detail and USA wide high level views of points-of-sale. Importing location enabled address databases for symbolization and color shading is easy. New and planned stores can be added to the map market analysis as products are launched and mature.

"Importing location enabled address databases for symbolization and color shading is easy."

Todd Eichelberger
Sales Director

Prison Fellowship — Prison Fellowship® trains and inspires churches and communities-inside and outside of prison-to support the restoration of those affected by incarceration. PFM uses MapBusinessOnline Team Edition to create a variety of maps that track the placement of constituents and describe the demographic background of placement areas for further study and understanding.

"We love MBO, especially the ability to share maps with non-license holders for viewing!"

Business Manager
Prison Fellowship

Popular MapBusinessOnline features

Build fast map visualizations of your business data

Map business data from various sources by street address, city name, ZIP code, or latitude and longitude. Plot 250,000 or more locations on a map at once. All you need to start is a spreadsheet with business data.

Plan customers visits with optimized routing

Use maps to identify customers within a radius or polygon. Optimize visits sequence and generate turn-by-turn driving directions. Reduce travel costs. Improve ROI and productivity.

Design and visualize sales territories

Use our sales territory mapping software to create sales territories by ZIP code, county, or state. Aggregate demographics and sales data by territory. Search business data inside sales territories. Highlight territory overlap.

Visualize business data on map with various symbols

Assign specific symbols, colors, and sizes to your data points on map. Choose from a wide variety of symbols or create your own. Visually define customers and prospects across multiple locations using symbols color coding.

Color code maps by ZIP code, county, or state

Import business data by ZIP code to show it geographically. Create colorful maps for business analysis that connect real Census data to locations on the ground.

Illustrate business data on map with charts

Graphically depict your business data on a map using pie or bar charts. Use charts to show sales by product, invoices due vs. paid, products ordered vs. shipped, and sales by customer demographics.

Emphasize customers density with heat maps

Highlight market areas that generate more business. Visually compare map areas for business potential. Select from a variety of heat map colors and options.

Label your business data using flexible callouts

Show more than one callout on map at a time. Add notes to individual map callouts. Change callouts orientation for better map layouts. Customize callouts look & feel.

Create powerful reports and presentations with maps

Embed map images into reports. Use interactive maps for effective presentations. Export map as PDF to create large wall maps.

Share business maps

Create interactive maps and share with friends, colleagues, dealers, customers, prospects or vendors. Share territory maps. Email saved JPEG and PNG files or embed map files in PowerPoint presentations. Includes PDF export for larger print formats.

Search data spatially with radius maps

Explore your data within circle or polygon areas. Organize search results into marketing lists or market areas. Export ZIP code demographics, territories, or marketing lists in Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets.