Layered Data Mapping & Analysis with MapBusinessOnline

A map on its own is a useful way of situating your business in the world. However, to unlock the full analytical power of MapBusinessOnline, you'll need to learn how to layer data. Layering is a way of adding context to your sales records and other business intelligence, and comparing and contrasting metrics on a region-by-region basis.

Here are the basics of layering data on a map and some of the many things you can do with this functionality.

What Is a Map Layer?

A layer is a set of data points that have been plotted onto a map. Layers provide a visual representation of complex datasets that would otherwise be confusing or difficult to interpret alone. For example, a map layer can show geographic features such as altitude above sea level, infrastructure such as roads and green spaces, or businesses within a specific category (restaurants or retailers, for example).

MapBusinessOnline also allows users to create map data layers by territory. For example, you can use it to build sales territory maps by ZIP code or census tract, or create your own unique boundaries.

Working With Layered Data Mapping

With MapBusinessOnline, it is possible to create layered data visualizations using datasets from a wide range of sources:

  • Your existing sales and contact information, imported from Salesforce, QuickBooks, Act! or another enterprise software platform
  • Several years' worth of demographic data and U.S Census records
  • Industry-specific datasets from third-party analytics firms such as RealZips

Mapping layered data lets you see this information in a visual, spatial format, and contrast it with datasets contained in other layers. Some specific things you can do with this functionality include:

  • Identifying regional hotspots where you have the most sales, or underperforming areas where additional resources are necessary
  • Seeing the location of your competitors, and identifying underserved regions as potential areas for expansion
  • Examining the demographics of your customer base, identifying other areas with a similar makeup, and targeting your marketing accordingly
  • Planning delivery or sales routes in a more efficient manner

MapBusinessOnline is a flexible platform for layered data analysis that will help you make informed, strategic decisions that position your organization for success. To see for yourself how easy it is to layer your business data on a map, download a free 1-month trial of MapBusinessOnline today.