About SpatialTEQ

SpatialTEQ Inc is a U.S. corporation, founded in 2008 and headquartered in Cornish, Maine, USA, with a mission to help customers in North America improve their businesses through the application of state-of-the-art technology solutions. We are the publisher of MapBusinessOnline, a premier business mapping and analysis software for companies of all sizes. We provide a variety of industry expertise in the following areas:

  • Business mapping and data visualization
  • Market analysis
  • Sales territory design
  • Optimized vehicle routing, navigation, and fleet management
  • Accurate and efficient address geocoding
  • Geospatial solutions for CRM

With a strong record of successful geospatial software development achievements, SpatialTEQ software architects work closely with customers from around the globe to develop solutions that balance the application of proven technologies with superb value.

Contact Information

SpatialTEQ, Inc.
9 Pease Lane
Cornish, ME 04020

To contact SpatialTEQ Inc. about custom geospatial software opportunities please use the following options and we will respond immediately: