About SpatialTEQ

SpatialTEQ Inc., the publisher of Map Business Online is a premier geospatial software development company connecting the world to the power of location intelligence. SpatialTEQ provides a variety of industries expertise in the following areas:

  • Map display and location data visualization services
  • Vehicle routing, navigation, and fleet management applications
  • Accurate and efficient address geocoding services
  • Advanced data compression technologies
  • Geospatial cloud-based application development
  • Mobile application services and software development
  • Integration capabilities with Map Business Online
  • Intuit QuickBooks integrated solutions
  • Microsoft CRM integrated solutions

With a strong record of successful geospatial software development achievements, SpatialTEQ software architects work closely with customers from around the globe to develop solutions that balance the application of proven technologies with superb value. Our software development team will take time to understand your requirements and will work diligently to complete the work on time and under budget. We have a sense of urgency.

Corporate Structure

SpatialTEQ, Inc. is a U.S. corporation, founded in 2008 and headquartered in Cornish, Maine, USA. It is a subsidiary of Software Technologies, a global geospatial technology provider. SpatialTEQ’s mission is to help customers in North America improve their businesses using state-of-the-art technology solutions.

Software Technologies, LLC, the parent company of SpatialTEQ was founded in 1996 and has been creating software products and solutions for customers in a variety of industries with primary focus on geospatial technologies (GIS). It is headquartered in Taganrog, Russia and is 50% owned by a U.S.-based Esri, LLC. Esri is the global market leader in GIS, serving customers since 1969 and having global presence with over 49 offices worldwide.

Clients and Partners

SpatialTEQ's clients and partners include:

Contact Information

SpatialTEQ, Inc.
9 Pease Lane
Cornish, ME 04020

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