MapBusinessOnline newsletter – October 2016 Desktop

SpatialTEQ Inc., publisher of North America’s best-selling business mapping software, announced the release of MapBusinessOnline (MBO) Desktop. MBO Desktop provides the exact same business mapping functionality as but is specifically designed for business mapping users who prefer to manage maps through desktop software as opposed to a Web browser. The application is downloadable from and is available at no additional fee for any subscriber of MapBusinessOnline. MBO Desktop works on both Mac and Windows based personal computers.

MapBusinessOnline for Desktop users will create, edit, and manage their business maps through the exact same user interface as MBO Desktop users will be able to access the standard MapBusinessOnline web browser application at no additional fee.

All MBO standard business mapping feature supporting sales territory mapping, market analysis, optimized routing, sales planning and strategic planning maps, are available through MBO Desktop. MBO Desktop users will choose the desktop version of MapBusinessOnline because it does not require Adobe Flash Player, avoids clunky web browser issues, and provides faster and easier dataset updates.

MapBusinessOnline Desktop was created in part for former Microsoft MapPoint users who began requesting a desktop version to replace MapPoint after it’s cancellation in December of 2014.