About MapBusinessOnline

I work for MapBusinessOnline, a web-based/cloud-service business mapping software. I have 15 years of experience selling for the digital mapping and GPS business.

MapBusinessOnline is published by SpatialTEQ Inc. a geospatial software development company, incorporated in Newburyport, MA. SpatialTEQ developers created BusinessMap, a desktop mapping tool used by thousands through the 2000’s and eventually sold to Esri.

We’re always interested in customer feedback, new application ideas, or possible partners for location-based business opportunities.

4 Responses to About MapBusinessOnline

  1. William Fryer says:

    can you map City, Town, Community boundaries?

    • William, Just last week we added city/town boundaries as optional layers within MapBusinessOnline.com. So technically, yes our maps can now include those boundaries. However, if you are looking for a town boundary editing tool that is not what we do and I would steer you to tools like http://www.esri.com. I hope that answers your question. Thank you.

  2. Do you offer business maps in the UK?

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