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Where Can I Get Business Data Lists for Use in Online Business Mapping Software?

        Many of Map Business Online customers try our web mapping software expecting to find harvestable business listings embedded in the product. To date that has not been our business model. Although we do provide Census demographic … Continue reading

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Why do Businesses & Organizations Use Business Mapping Software?

A use case synopsis         Every week I speak with businesses about their use of online business mapping software. I’ve been doing this for over 15 years and it always surprises me. Because we protect business confidentiality, … Continue reading

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Where Are Your Competitors? Asking the Key Questions

  Where are your competitors? Well, do you know? You should. Understanding where and why your competitors are located is part of any successful sales manager’s job. Back in the day, when the kids in the neighborhood put up lemonade … Continue reading

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Define Your Sales Territories by County, State or Zip Code

  The purpose of using sales territories is to assign sales accountability and to measure sales progress. A sales organization can choose to make this a simple process or a complex process. I am sure some organizations require, for a … Continue reading

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