Sometimes You Just Need a List of Zip Codes

Sometimes with business mapping all people want is a list of zip codes.

Business Mapping Software is funny. At least from my perspective it’s funny. For some people the learning curve for mapping software is extremely easy. When providing web demos, I have to be careful not to talk too much or show these people too many details.  They come to us advanced technology users and they like to figure things out for themselves.

With other clients I may have to slow way down and keep the demo very basic.  I find everyone learns in slightly different ways and at different speeds. Some prefer to learn by watching videos. Others learn by reading or just asking questions. Still others are a combination of the all ways. A service organization must be prepared to help a user learn at their own pace.

Map Business Online offers some advanced features and some simple features. Online business mapping in and of itself should be no more complicated than using an Excel spreadsheet. And for the most part, it is no more complicated than that.

One of the most basic features we offer is ability to create a list of zip codes. People use exported lists of zip codes generated from zip code mapping software for a variety of applications:

  • Establishing a direct mail target address list or a birthday party invitation list
  • Determining areas of responsibility for service people, sales people, or survey takers
  • Displaying color shaded zip codes to define franchise availability
  • Exporting a list of zip codes by sales territory aligment
  • Displaying color shaded areas for food sheds, medical emergencies or disaster areas
  • Defining your kid’s paper route
  • Clarifying school bus pick-up areas
  • Reviewing demographic breakdowns for city planning
  • Determining political polling data collection procedures
  • Clarifying to my wife my geographic limits for errands on Saturday morning

The list is endless. Map Business Online is truly a zip code map for businesses.

In Map Business Online we can gather zip codes within a radius, by random polygon, or by a polygon that roughly outlines the boundaries of a county or a state. We can collect zip codes by radius from a specific point or address. We can collect zip codes by drive time search.  We can also collect lists of zip codes by filtering the zip code data using modifiers – i.e. I want all the zip codes greater than or equal to 90001 up to 91005.

Once your list is established as a subset data list of zips in the Data Window you can export that list out as a .CSV file simply by clicking the far right Export Button on the Data Window toolbar. Open the list from within your database or spreadsheet management tool.


List of zip codes in Map Business Online with export button noted.

I honestly don’t know what else to tell you about lists of zip codes. It’s pretty easy in Map Business Online. And that’s a good thing, because sometimes you just need a list of zip codes.

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