Six Crucial Elements of Sales Territory Mapping Software

So, you are shopping for sales territory mapping software. MapBusinessOnline is used by thousands of salespeople and sales managers to set up and manage sales territory alignment. Ten years ago, the mapping software to beat in this area was Microsoft MapPoint. Alas, MapPoint exited the business in late 2014.

MapPoint is no more. Look to MapBusinessOnline to replace MapPoint and regain your sales territory mapping advantage.

Sales territory mapping is a major feature of most business mapping software offerings, but there are specific functions you’ll want to make sure are covered by the software product you select.

Get the Help You Need

MapBusinessOnline has outstanding technical support. You can call, email, or chat with your questions. You’ll find plenty of help documentation, blogs, and videos to assist as you learn how to use the software. Most people find it an easy tool to learn, but everyone learns differently and we try to accommodate.

Here’s a blog on the Top Ten Videos for New MapBusinessOnline Customers. And here’s another blog describing the Top Six Sales Territory Mapping Questions we get from our customers.

Import and Visualize Customers

Every serious cloud-based business mapping software allows the user to import location datasets. These would-be customer or prospect address lists imported to generate customer map visualizations. MapBusinessOnline Standard supports the import of up to 100,000 location records or customer addresses per map. That’s a lot. If you require more than that you may want to consider MapBusinessOnline Pro which allows up to 250,000 records per map. You can always upgrade from your original purchase and we’ll prorate your pricing to protect your investment.

Importing a list of customers or prospects is a simple process. Read more about importing customer data here.

You can also import sales territory datasets to create territories by ZIP code, City Limit, County, or State from a spreadsheet. We have many blogs and videos describing various aspects of sales territory management. There are help docs, a YouTube video library, an online Chat feature, and we can always provide live web-demos.

Territory creation can also occur by lassoing jurisdictions, like ZIP codes, with your mouse cursor or by selecting jurisdictions one-by-one. Likewise, territory edits are just a few mouse clicks. Select a group of ZIP codes and remove them from a territory or add them to a territory. The territory editing process is fast and easy. Read more here.

Sales Territory Labels

Now you’ve got sales territories on the map and a dataset of customers overlaid on top of your territories. Labels are an important aspect of territory mapping. MapBusinessOnline automatically labels your territories as they are created. You can edit them by selecting the Territory Nameplate and clicking the Edit Gear option. Under Labels, you can add up to five flexible fields to those territory labels.

Flexible Label Fields lets you aggregate data – sales data, demographic data, or other business data – to your territory label. In MapBusinessOnline you can even create formulas that will calculate percentages or tabulate totals right below the Territory Name. Great for sales reporting at month-end or end-of-quarter wrap-up. These flexible label fields can be used for non-sales numeric sharing as well – like COVID stats, account statuses, or even secret codes. (My Dad loved secret codes.)

Image is not a Kardex Remstar map – which are protected by confidentiality

Highlight Territory Intersections

Many sales organizations have territories that overlap with other territories. MapBusinessOnline includes territory setup options that can account for territory overlap or intersection. You can define which color represents sales territory overlap. You may believe that territory overlap is unnecessary, but it happens and for varying reasons. Reasons for territory overlap might include:

  • Rapid account growth in relatively confined areas
  • Legacy account assignments
  • Logistical realities
  • Customer requests

MapBusinessOnline provides tools that let a sales territory manager control the reality of territory overlap. If your organization decides to allow it, you need to be able to show where overlap occurs.

Optimized Vehicle Routing

Vehicle routing is a critical element of sales planning. It makes sense for a sales territory mapping program to also include optimized vehicle routing. MapBusinessOnline subscriptions can provide standalone sales planning support for a salesperson. Each subscriber would have access to:

  • Sales territory map views that define sales accountability
  • Customer and prospect location datasets with contact information
  • A full features vehicle routing tool that allows routes with up to 150 stops
  • The ability to share map images or interactive web maps

MapBusinessOnline shared interactive web maps include the ability to share optimized vehicle routes with turn-by-turn directions at no charge for non-subscribers. Read more about map sharing here.

Generate the Reports You Need

There are a variety of reports you can generate from business mapping software.  In the MapBusinessOnline community, a common request is for the list of ZIP codes with corresponding territory assignments.  These reports are exportable in CSV format, easily imported into Microsoft Excel and saved per your business requirements – XLS, PDF, TXT.

Business mapping reporting is flexible and sometimes involves spatial queries to generate results. For instance, perhaps you’d like to generate a list of all major prospects outside of all major territory areas. That’s a spatial query. The results, once generated are exportable.

Sales territory analysis views can include demographic data, sales histories, and even product information. Once compiled to your satisfaction these analysis views are exportable.

And don’t forget, a business meeting can always be fed a live MapBusinessOnline map for elucidating the particular aspects of a sales situation. Sales results are always complicated. That’s why sales territory mapping with its multi-dimensional intelligence is so important for active sales organizations.

Armed with territory assignments, sales planning tools, a list of customers and prospects, and the ability to share maps, your sales team is ready to rock and roll. Now, where is my facemask? Who’s got my facemask?!


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