How Do I Share Demographic Data Through An Interactive Web Map?

MapBusinessOnline allows a subscribing Map Creator to share interactive web maps that include demographic data at no additional charge. Make sure any business mapping software tools you subscribe to offer the same generous capabilities.

A subscriber can setup this publicly shared map by placing demographic information in the labels associated with map layers, including territories.  Map Layer labels can be shared interactively either as Auto Labels, which show up as static labels on a shared map, or as Custom Labels, which show when the map viewer hovers over the map layer object with their mouse cursor. Read more about map labels.

Territory map layers allow demographic data to be interactively shared as a static Auto label only. The pop-up ‘custom label’ is not an option in the territory map layer. MapBusinessOnline territory analysis views from the Data Window are also not sharable from public map sharing.

Here’s the Process

There are three overall steps to accomplishing this Demographic Map Sharing operation:

  1. Create a map with the demographic data in the map layer label
    1. With your data imported into your business map, in Map and Data hover your cursor over the layer you want to display your data. It could be ZIP code, State or County layers, or even Map Layers added to the map.
    2. Under the Label Tab, choose Auto or Customer label and in each flexible field, navigate to the Demographic options and select the category you prefer.
    3. Add text to the Prefix section as required
  2. Share the map with your constituent, non-subscribing map-audience
    1. Select the Map Share button, four buttons in from the left on the Master Toolbar
    2. Choose Public Sharing
    3. Check on “Enable Public Sharing, Copy the Map Link, be sure to click Apply Sharing Setting in the lower-right
  3. Make sure your non-subscribing audience has downloaded the Map App and understands how to access the Map Viewer App, which he or she will find in the Start Menu under MapBusinessOnline

Demographic Data Options

MapBusinessOnline’s Demographic data library is organized by year. Each year contains a wide section of Census Bureau (USA) data categories that cover population, ethnicities, income levels, housing data, expenditure data, and more.

Please keep in mind that the top two sections by year are projection data from a third party.  Census releases are updated as we get them from the Census Bureau. The most current Census Bureau release is 2018 data.

Read more about demographic data in MapBusinessOnline.

Calculated Data Columns

MapBusinessOnline users can also access demographic data from the Calculated Data Columns option, located in each map layer in Map and Data. This tool allows the user to sum a set of related demographic line times. For example, a user can build a Calculated Data Column calculation out of the population by age from ages 65 and up. This would include five demographic categories.  These results are then importable into map layer and territory labels and are then available for sharing.

Extending the Reach of Your Sales Territory Mapping

Publicly sharing an interactive MapBusinessOnline map enables businesses and non-prophet organizations to easily inform and update their constituents with relevant demographic and business data. Territory maps can be shared that display:

  • Current territory geographies defining areas of accountability
  • Progress toward shared company goals
  • Demographic components that makeup territory balancing
  • Account placements with key contacts within a territory scheme

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To access MapBusinessOnline, please register and then download the Map App from the website –

After installing the Map App, the MapBusinessOnline launch button will be in the Windows’ Start Menu or Mac Application folder. Find the MapBusinessOnline folder in the Start Menu scrollbar. Click the folder’s dropdown arrow and choose the MapBusinessOnline option.

The Map App includes the Map Viewer app for free non-subscriber map sharing.

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