SpatialTEQ Expands Demographic Data for Subscribers

LOWELL, MA (March 10, 2015) — Map Publisher SpatialTEQ Inc. today announced the release of 4.4.3 – business mapping software with comprehensive demographic data for sales, marketing and territory planning professionals in the U.S.A., Canada and the U.K..

The 4.4.3 release provides an update to previously installed demographic data layers for both the USA and Canada. USA demographic layers now reflect 2013 Census Bureau updates. Map Business Online Census derived demographic data layers are available automatically to all existing Map Business Online subscribers using USA map data. Map Business Online also includes Census Tract and Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) boundary layers for convenient Census tract maps and sales territory maps based on Census geographies.

For Canada map users has been expanded to include the following additional Canadian demographic data categories: age, education, employment, ethnicity, income, housing units, minority, population, occupation, and race.

Demographic data in Map Business Online can be used to build USA county, state, zip code, or Census tract maps that display density, age, and category breakdowns by age ranges, education, employment, ethnicity, gender, households, housing units, income, population, race, and travel times.

MapBusinessOnline users apply Census data to nationwide demographic analysis maps, specific area-of-interest maps, marketing areas, and sales territory mapping. Multiple demographic layers can be appended to area map datasets and exported for use outside of the mapping application. Sales territory map views allow demographic data to be totaled by category enabling territory optimization by population, income, or other categories. Demographic maps can be built using state, county, zip code, zip 3, Census tract, MSA, and city limit geographies.

Map Business Online demographic data is applied by thousands of businesses across a variety of major vertical markets including advertising, banking & finance, franchise sales, healthcare, insurance, retail, general sales & marketing, and manufacturing.

About Map Business Online
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