How to Create a ZIP Code Map

In Map Business Online a business mapping software user can create a ZIP code map  simply by selecting the ZIP code layer in the Map & Data box. Viola – you have a ZIP code map. But we know that business people use ZIP code mapping software for more reasons than to simply view ZIP codes on a map.

When Map Business Online users create a business map by ZIP code, most often they are looking for ZIP codes within a radius. ZIP code radius mapping,  or circle mapping, easily identifies the list of ZIP codes within a defined area (it could be any shape) and allows the user to export that ZIP code list out of the application as a CSV file.

Those ZIP codes lists are helpful for marketers, retail store owners, political polling commissions, non-profit donation seekers, and outside and inside sales people.  Heck, a soccer mom or dad planning a bake sale might use an exported list of ZIP codes.

In Map Business Online the desire to plot ZIP codes on a map is really just identifying your specific ZIP codes of interest  on a map.  We provide the entire list of USPS boundary ZIP codes in the ZIP code layer. These layers are readily available in the Map Business Online FREE trial or any of our paid subscriptions. ZIPs are important and ubiquitous. All business mapping software applications will provide ZIP codes.

Business map users might desire printable ZIP code maps or they might be interested in ZIP code territory mapping software. In Map Business Online you get it all.

How to Create a Basic ZIP Code Map

  1. In a fresh map view, make sure your ZIP code layer is turned on in the Map and Data layer control box
  2. Choose a geometric search tool from the Search Data Button – typically users choose a circle or polygon search tool. The button will turn green. You will be searching the ZIP code layer
  3. On the map, create a shape that encompasses your target ZIP codes. Complete the shape – the Radius Search will present a radius distance option box. Input your radius distance. Name your map area of interest or territory. If you chose the Polygon Search, the line must be brought back to the beginning and then the area is named
  4. The Data Window will open presenting your list of ZIP codes. You may edit this list and export the list. Edit by clicking on the map view and selecting a ZIP code for addition or deletion from the list. Select more than one by holding down the Shift Key. Click the Blue puzzle piece icon to Add, Update or Create a new list
  5. Export the final list by clicking the Data Window Toolbar’s far right Export Data button option

Creating a Map from a ZIP Code Spreadsheet

Alternatively, a business map user could create a ZIP code map from a list of ZIP codes.

Business mapping enables fast and informative views of address spreadsheets.  Sometimes those spreadsheets are pretty basic and sometimes they have complete address data. For instance, a Non-profit organization or a local grocery store may not collect full addresses when they compile customer data. They might just collect customer/donor name and ZIP code.

Instead of looking like this:

Your spreadsheet could be as simple as this:



The map visualization process will still work, but the points will be placed at the center point of ZIP Code. Full address placement puts a point on the exact address, a ZIP Code only placement is less accurate. Multiple map points in the same ZIP code will be stacked one on top of the other in ZIP Code only location placements. Click that point to see a list of addresses.

How to Create a Map from a ZIP Code List

  1. Create or save your ZIP code data on your computer
  2. Click the Plot Data button on the master toolbar – five buttons in from the left
  3. Navigate to your saved dataset, select the data and click next
  4. In the Dialogue box for addressing double-check that the application is matching your columns as expected. Addressing buckets should match based on your data column headings. If latitude/longitude points are used, verify that they match in the dialog
  5. In the label dialog assign a naming column from your data to the naming column in Map Business Online. This is usually the left hand column in your data – but you could choose to have another column be the controlling data column. Choose up to five columns from your data to be displayed in the data points’ label field
  6. Click plot to process your spreadsheet data, which will place point locations on the map

Imported ZIP codes lists can be color shaded points or symbols.  You could also turn off the point layer itself and still color code the ZIP codes based on your imported data.

ZIP Code Haiku

Tiny ZIP Code sits.

So many people inside.

My mail man is old.

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