How Do I Create A Territory Map?

A territory map is a geographic shape defining an area of responsibility.  Using territory mapping software, like MapBusinessOnline, a territory alignment map can be created by lasso selecting or compiling an importable list of geographic districts, usually ZIP codes, counties, or states.

The mapping software allows you to lasso a group of ZIP codes with a mouse cursor or by importing a spreadsheet of preassigned ZIP codes associated with a column of territory names. Territory maps in business mapping software include both a visual color-shaded map views and a data sheet or analysis view.

A Territory Map with Analysis View

Territory mapping is one of the most popular use cases for business mapping software. Territory maps, done correctly, provide a platform for shared sales objectives and shared results, potentially driving growth. With MapBusinessOnline it’s easy to map sales territories.

Sales territory mapping can be applied to many industries. Sales and marketing application examples abound for our territory mapping software.  These sales and marketing applications include:

  • Franchise territory development
  • Manufacturing sales territories
  • Car dealership territories
  • Insurance company customer maps, claims maps, and insurance agent territories
  • Healthcare mobile staff territory management
  • Expansion planning maps
  • Market analysis maps

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How to Create a ZIP Code Territory map

The steps to building a ZIP code territory map using MapBusinessOnline are:

  1. Turn on the ZIP code map layer in Map and Data
  2. Create a spreadsheet with district column(s) and a territory name column – import that list using the Create Territories button or,
  3. Using a polygon search tool, lasso a group of zip codes and name each territory
  4. Adjust the territories as required, adding or removing ZIP codes by selecting them with your mouse cursor and adjusting as necessary
  5. Manipulate the territory analysis view in the Data Window to match your analysis requirements using the powerful Change Columns button

MapBusinessOnline, an affordable and easy-to-learn cloud-based business mapping option, makes sales territory mapping easy, compelling, and fun. Armed with no more than a laptop and a mouse, new users access, sign up for the FREE trial, and create a territory using preferred administrative district layers.

Business map users most often apply ZIP codes to online territory mapping. For local and regional business, ZIP codes provide manageable areas of accountability which can be assigned to traveling clinicians, technicians, field agents or sales people. ZIP Codes also serve as convenient map administrative units that a lay person intuitively relates to.

Additional Options

Territories might also be built around county or state geographies. If your business is super local, perhaps located deep in a metropolitan area, you may consider Census Tracts as your best territory base layer. Census Tracts are wicked small, especially in high population areas. I’ve seen home-care orgs use Census tracts to monitor clinician territories, which in metro areas require a lot of subway travel, complicating life in general.

MapBusinessOnline also includes MSA’s (Metropolitan Statistical Areas), a Census Bureau designation.  These are city focused marketing areas, similar to Nielsen’s DMA’s (which are cost prohibitive to license, unfortunately.)

MapBusinessOnline also included City Limits which can be applied to sales territory mapping, great if your business is strictly city or town based. The Music Man would have used City limits to track the towns and cities he conned, especially if he franchised the biz. “We’ve got trouble…”

The Free Form Option

Sometimes companies want to avoid district based territories all together in favor of free-form territories. These approaches use highways, mountains, and rivers as territory boundaries.  This can be achieved in MapBusinessOnline by using draw tools to highlight areas manually. Read more about free form territories here.

Territory Analysis

Territory maps generated using business mapping software, include data analysis views that combine disparate data layers into a detailed assessment of a territory’s underlying business DNA. You’ll be able to add population, income and ethnicity layers (to name a few) while appending your own imported business data.

Territory data analysis assigns measurable data results to business processes. In this way, whether your map is for sales, healthcare or field services, territory maps drive accountability. Shared territory maps help a sales rep understands his or her goals or a clinician to understand her limit for new referrals in a week.

Territory polygons could also be generated by drive time searches. Import a list of home addresses for your sales representatives.  Conduct a drive time search from each home location searching 60 minutes in all directions. This drive time query will establish a jagged polygon representing a drive time of one hour along every possible road connection. Next, use this polygon to select your ZIP codes list for territory creation. Now your sales people understand how their proximity to home relates to their territory size. This approach is perfect for controlling travel expenses and minimizing sales overlap.

Your company could also compile preassigned lists of ZIP codes, counties, states, even Census tracts, with a corresponding territory naming column, and directly import such a data sheet into the map to create color shaded territories automatically. Even ex-Microsoft MapPoint users can convert their territories to new business mapping software, by exporting to Excel and importing into their new software.  Be sure to download the MapBusinessOnline Map App which now includes a MapPoint map project converter tool, as well as a free Map Viewer App for non-subscriber map sharing.

Once created and imported, territory maps can be easily adjusted. After all, nothing stays the same for long. You can simply click on ZIP codes, counties, state or Census tracts and add or subtract them from the target territory. Maintenance is as easy as a mouse click.

Territory mapping software is applied by millions of organizations to define areas of responsibility and measure progress against goals and objectives. Territories help to organize business processes for industrial sales, healthcare, field services, retail services, marketing agencies, and subscription managers – to name just a few types of businesses that use territory mapping.

Business mapping software, supporting territory alignment, is so affordable and easily applied today that companies without sales territories often go quietly out of business, never realizing what went wrong. Don’t be that company.

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How Do I Edit MapBusinessOnline Maps


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