SpatialTEQ Inc. Releases Map Business Online 5.2 – Congressional District Layer & Map Layer Updates

Noted below is Tuesday’s press release announcing Map Business Online 5.2.

CORNISH, ME (June 27, 2018) — SpatialTEQ Inc., publisher of North America’s most popular business mapping software, today announces the release of Map Business Online(Map Business Online) 5.2, a variety of enhancements and updates including the addition of a congressional district map layer expanding the use of Map Business Online’s location-based business analysis capability into the realm of politics.

  • ZIP Code Layer Update – The Map Business Online 5.2 release includes an updated ZIP code map layer. ZIP codes now incorporate the most recent USPS releases. The 5.2 ZIP code update repairs anomalies in a previous release, attributable to source data.
  • New Zip Code Fillers – Also included in the 5.2 ZIP code update will be a new ZIP code filler process. Map Business Online ZIP code fillers allow the creation of uniform color-shaded sales territories across state and federal lands, such as national parks, that are not associated with ZIP codes. The new filler system assigns a local ZIP code to any filled areas in a territory, replacing Map Business Online’s previous filler naming convention for easier and faster territory color-shading of non-ZIP code areas.
  • Congressional District Map Layer – Map Business Online users can now access Congressional Districts from the Map Business Online premium layer options. The new political layer is available to team and annual subscribers of Map Business Online. The Congressional Districts map layer is intended for use in territory creation and area-of-interest analysis. Political maps, complete with demographic analysis, are now possible using Map Business Online 5.2.

Congressional Districts by Median Income

  • Updated 2018 Demographic Projections – Map Business Online 5.2 includes 2018 demographic data projections from Geolytics. 2017 and 2018 demographic categories are projection data, while previous years are direct Census derived categories.
  • Updated USA School District Layer – Map Business Online 5.2 includes the latest updates to elementary, secondary, and consolidated school district map layers (a premium layer option.)
  • Single Sign-on Support – (Available in July) Map Business Online 5.2 will provide alternative login options for Map Business Online user groups. Single Sign-on (SSO) is now a login option for Map Business Online users, simplifying enterprise user access and offering a more streamlined IT Department set-up process. This new login technology also enables Map Business Online login via Facebook and Google Plus social media accounts.
  • 4K Screen Resolution – With this latest product release Map Business Online will also support 4K horizontal screen resolution.


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